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Five Safe Fingers Project by Nam Ngo Thanh and Ambassadors


   The "Five Safe Fingers" project aims to provide children with basic skills in preventing sexual abuse. "Five Safe Fingers" is one of the simplest guidelines to help your child stay away from dangerous objects and protect themselves.














     The project is based on the cooperation of teachers around the globe as ambassadors. Teachers commit to supporting the project in the two following ways:

           + To be speaker for classes around the world about skills to prevent themselves with child sexual abuse (via Skype)

          + To carry out this project with their own class






  Students will use technology to connect, share their knowledge with friends around the world based on the knowledge they have been shared by the ambassador teacher. It then develops 21st century skills for the children.










    This project also meets two of the UN Sustainability Development Goals: Peace & Good Health and Well-being

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