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Five Safe Fingers Project by Nam Ngo Thanh and Ambassadors



"Every child 


a champion"

-Hillary Rodham Clinton-

     Approximately 20% of girls (1/5) and 8% of boys (1 / 12.5) are sexually assaulted before 18 years of age. 73% of sexually abused children will not tell anyone about this for at least a year. 45% will not speak to anyone for 5 years. Some will never reveal the truth. Above are the alarming statistics on sexual abuse occurring daily in Vietnam in particular and in the world in general. Specially, in the last few years, the sexual abuse of children has become more alarming. However, most children do not have defensive skills, protect themselves in situations of abuse.

   The "Five Safe Fingers" project aims to provide children with basic skills in preventing sexual abuse.

About the project

Creating a campaign helping to prevent child sexual abuse. This campaign will affect not only kids in Vietnam but also all children around the global. 
Welcoming other voices into your classroom provides students more knowledge about child sexual abuse. 
We need your help to make this project growing every single day.

Who We Are

Current Global Project

Five  Safe Fingers

 Voice Of Children Campaign


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